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Monday begins the Indian Lore merit badge / Need final VA Creeper headcount

Mr. Givens will be teaching the Indian Lore merit badge during the October meetings beginning this Monday, October 1. Please do not miss this opportunity. You really need to be at the October meetings.
The Virginia Creeper is nearly upon us. We have reservations for Oct 12-14. We NEED a final head count. Only 2 people responded to the Doodle poll:

Please respond to the poll even if you do not plan on attending. If you cannot see or use the poll, please contact me.

Monday night’s meeting is the only meeting we have to prepare for the VA Creeper.

Doug McCaughan
Troop 147 Scoutmaster


Regularly scheduled meeting

Tomorrow night, September 24, we will continue the bicycling theme with some riding challenges. If you wish to bring your bicycle, please do. We will have a couple of bikes on hand to share.
If you have a helmet, please bring it.

Troop 147 Scoutmaster


Troop 147 Aug 27 meeting: final Shining Rock Prep and SPL election

Hello Troop 147!

Tomorrow night’s meeting, Aug 27, will be focused on final planning for Shining Rock and elections.

I hope to accomplish the following:

  • Meal plan
  • tenting arrangements
  • duty roster
  • Elect the new SPL. Next election will be in February 2019
As always, I invite you to come to the meeting packed for the trip. If you do, we will perform a pack check and give advise on items to leave home or items that are missing.
If you are interested in running for SPL, I need to know BEFORE the meeting.
See you tomorrow!
Troop 147 Scoutmaster

Monday’s meeting: SPL election, camping stove practice, and Shining Rock meal planning

Monday’s meeting, August 19, will continue our backpacking theme and preparation for the Shining Rock trip September 1-3.

If you have a backpacking stove such as a Whisper Lite, please bring it so we can have as many scouts practicing on the stoves as possible.

I would ask that our older scouts be prepared to lead a discussion on the different types of backpacking stoves and their pros and cons. They need to include how to choose a cooking area at our campsite ala the BEAR-muda triangle as well as touching on Leave No Trace with regard to stoves and backpack cooking.
I will ask one older scout to start our meeting with a discussion on what it means to be courteous.
We will plan our meals for the Shining Rock trip.
Lastly, we will elect a new senior patrol leader. I want the PLC to meet after electing the SPL before we elect new patrol leaders. Those of you who expressed interest in being the SPL back in May, please let me know if you are still interested and come to the meeting prepared to convince your peers to vote for you.

Regular Meeting – Monday, August 13, 2018

Tonight’s meeting will be about backpacking (the August theme). We will take some time to discuss monthly themes for the coming year. We will practice the taut line hitch (see also). And we will practice setting up backpacking tarps.

Our August outing will fall on Labor Day Weekend (yes, technically that is September), to Shining Rock. Crew 4 will also be going to Shining Rock so we will likely make this a cooperative trip similar to our last trip to Cumberland Gap.

Troop 147 meets at West Hills Baptist Church on 409 N Winston Rd, Knoxville, TN 37909 (map) from 7pm to 8:30pm on Mondays. We welcome visitor who want to learn more about Scouting and how Troop 147 operates. Feel free to drop in, however, if you email or ahead of time, we can better prepare for your visit.

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